Sunday, October 02, 2011

My Dog Elvis

My beagle Elvis is flopped on the brownish-red brick style tile in front of our front door. Most beagles weigh about 35lbs., but Elvis weighs about 50lbs. He is ten years old. He is a medium sized dog that has short stubby legs. His legs are light brown and his paws are white. His stomach is white, but the top of his back is black. His middle is light brown. Elvis' head is square with a black nose, a white snout, but the rest is light brown. He has hazel eyes with a mole between them. He wears a red collar with a Batman tag. On his neck is a large white diamond shaped patch of fur. His nails are pretty long. We don't want to cut them ourselves because we are afraid we will hurt him. Elvis' tail is light brown with a large black spot on the top and white on the tip. He is my dog and has been since I was two. I will always love him.

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