Monday, November 28, 2011

A Guinea Pig Life

One morning, on July 12, 2012, there was a guinea pig named Ginny. She has been living with us for 10 months. She was just eating her cabbage when a sneaky, little, fluffy, gray kitty named Muffins, comes and smacks her around a bit because she looks like a neat little cat toy. Being the pig Ginny is, she doesn't move because she doesn't want to leave her food.

“Hey! Stop it! I'm eating here!” squeaks Ginny.

“Oh, come on! I just want to play with you. I won't hurt you.” Muffins meowed sarcastically.

“Yeah,” said a small, black and tan cat named Two-face. “We won't hurt you.” She is called Two-face because half of her face is black and the other is tan.

“Sure, you will stop hurting me, as soon as I stop eating this delicious hay. Now go away or I will squeal and you will get thrown down the hallway...Again!” laughed Ginny.

“Fine, we will leave, but know this. We will get you, someday.” said Two-face forcefully.

“You say that every time, just go.” Ginny said annoyed. So, they padded down the hall like the spoiled kitty brats they are. Finally, with Ginny now alone, she continued to eat her cabbage.

The next day, around 9:00 AM, Ginny was sitting on her ledge, eating some hay, when she heard the dreadful noise of the back door. That meant that the big, crazy, lab-mastiff mix dog came inside. Her name is Bubbles. Bubbles thinks of Ginny as a moving chew toy. Luckily, Ginny is safe inside her cage and is not allowed to be outside of it when Bubbles is inside.

When we first got Ginny, on my twelfth birthday, Bubbles was always like a statue, staring into her cage, hoping the cage door will magically open and she can chew up the guinea pig inside. It's a good thing she stopped staring at Ginny, but she still goes crazy whenever Ginny is running around outside of her cage, while Bubbles is outside in the backyard with her face pressed against the window.

One day ,around noon, I had Ginny in my lap while I was sitting on my bed, and someone let in the dogs. As soon as Bubbles got in the house she ran down the hall, saw me and leap on top of me and almost stole my pig. But before she could, Two-face jumps down from my top bunk and ran down the hall and of course Bubbles had to chase her. Later that evening Two-face was walking past my room and Ginny called to her. “Thank you, you crazy cat.”

Two-face stopped and quietly mewed “Your welcome, you silly pig.” And she walked away without another word.

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