Sunday, October 21, 2007

Alyssa Ashley

This weekend I spent time with my cousin Alyssa. We never hung out, just us, before. It was fun. On Saturday morning, the girls and I packed the car with the goodies we made for Grandpa and headed on our way to visit him. Alyssa was meeting us there. It took longer than we anticipated because there were no less than four accidents between my house and Grandpa’s house. I do not think I went more that 30 miles an hour the whole way. We finally got there and then Grandpa went to get some pizza. He said kids like pizza. (He was right.) He said there was a “hole in the wall” place with good pizza. It was good too. He gave the girls the leftovers to bring home. He told me all about his adventures… All the fun things he did for his birthday, golfing with Joe, and about his upcoming trip to Nevada.

Then we headed home. We stopped at the Starbucks because it gets hot on the road. Carolynn was jazzed because she ordered a medium strawberry drink and they accidentally made her a large. Alyssa got passion tea and I got plain tea. Catherine just wanted water. Then we were off. The traffic on the way home was just as terrible. Where do people learn to drive? Unfortunately, Carolynn does not do too well in the car for long periods, especially after all that strawberry goo and pizza… At least she made it out the window. (We had to get the car washed because of it.)

We finally got home. We were just hanging out around the house. We watched Mr. And Mrs. Smith. I made potato cheese soup, Carolynn made fried zucchini, and Catherine made brownies. I learned about Alyssa music. Most of it is scary, but some of it is okay. I found out that Alyssa watches the same TV shows as I do. CSI, Law and Order, Cold Case, and other shows like that. She told me about her friends. We had a good time.

Today, Carolynn made pancakes. Then we went to the Wal-Mart to print some pictures for a homework project that I was helping Alyssa with. Then we went to the beach. After that, we just hung around some more. We ordered pizza from Pizza Hut. Alyssa likes pizza. Then I drove her home. We took some pumpkin bread to Aunt Paveena too. She said it is good we can spend time together. It always better when family comes together. I made a little movie about it. Be careful when you play it. I let Alyssa pick out the music.


  1. You people eat a lot of pizza, I guess grandpa was right, kids do like Pizza. I am glad Carolynn, had time to stick her head out the window, could have started a chain recation otherwise.
    Sounds like you had a good time, Grandpa ate his Chicken and rice while he was watching the Red Sox kick some butt. He thinks it is cool that he can say he was on top of the green moster, we sat behind that pole, ect...
    I did not get to see your pictures. I am at work and sometimes our server doesn't let us view certain stuff, so it is just blank. They wouldn't want us sitting around checking out videos of hot guys or something.

  2. Yep, pizza is a favorite around here. I wonder if that chicken and rice casserole was good. I got it from Paula Dean. It looked interesting. We never tried that one ourselves. The turkey noodle one is a good one though. Be carefull when you play that video, it is loud.

    In case anyone was wondering, the song in the video is called Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad by blessthefall

  3. Nice video I was thinking, that sounds just like Blessthefall.....before you spilled the beans. Looks like you guys had a good time hanging out. I guess the water wasn't too cold for some brave people. My Dad said the chicken and rice was good, and the pumpkin bread was really good.

  4. My dad was talking about the casserole too.
    but yup good times.
    The beach water felt nice.



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