Thursday, October 25, 2007


We need help. This Saturday, Carolynn was going to have a Halloween party. Unfortunately, because of the fires, school was closed and she was unable to pass out invitations. We promised we could do something fun on Saturday instead. However, because of the fires, we are limited on things to do. We have already decided the movies playing all suck. Outdoor activities are a no because of the smoke and ash. Traveling is probably not a good idea either. So that has left us to think of something at home. So far this is what we have come up with;

1. Getting some supplies for arts and crafts
2. Buying a new DVD and popcorn.

That's it. So we need you all to help us think of some super fun activities we can do this weekend. Think fast.


  1. Well the DVD idea is good.....make some popcorn balls that is kind of crafty and a halloween tradition. Play some board games or card games. Make some fudge that goes good with popcorn....(something sweet and something salty). Watch the Red Sox and eat baseball hot dogs and nachos or keeping with the Boston Theme make some clam chowder..

  2. Get a few pumpkins and art paint, and have a pumpkin painting contest, not carving but painting. Post the picture's on here and have everyone vote, don't tell who painted which ones, so it makes it fair. painting pumpkins is more fun sometimes than carving them. When we lived up in Santa Maria, I got crazy and must have painted a dozen pumpkins, did all kinds of crazy things with them, put hats on them, straw hair, and even did a white ghost one, just use your imagination. Then it would be time for some good ol homemade food, and if anyone gets real out of line, warn them that you are going to bake some homemade cookies, with a little secret ingrediant I told you about, HEHEHEHEHEHE, beware!!!! Then sit back and take in some scary movies, I have always enjoyed good scary movies. Aunt Chris


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