Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Just A Normal Day

I am trying to keep it as regular as possible around here. We still seem to be in a pretty safe spot. I am trying to use the extra time off as best as possible. We are getting the house cleaned really well. The TV is not helping. It is hard to be like normal when all the channels are showing fires. We are watching DVD’s.

In keeping with regular, it is Halloween Week here. My plan was to have different activities for everyone to participate in. Why should I cancel it because of a little fire?

Therefore, here is our first question… You can e-mail me answers or you can add it as a comment. Do not forget… No Name, No Post!

What is you scariest Halloween memory?

Here is mine.

When I was maybe five or six, I was sleeping over with my Aunt Christine. I was sitting at her kitchen table eating when the scariest monster ever came rushing in. Okay, it was only my Aunt in a fur coat and mask with a knife. Nevertheless, it scarred me for life.


  1. Yup, we both remember that, your Aunt said she will write to you about her scariest time when she was a little girl. I remember your brother Joe's scariest has to be the time when I dressed up as a dead person and came at him with a knife with the Thriller song playing, when thinking about it I still laugh my ass off, did it for a few years and he still freaked out, maybe that's why he turned out the way he did, hahaha, just kidding. But he sure was scared, probably came close to pissing his pants. Good memorys of the good old days. He would probably tell you that was 100 percent the truth. OK enough on that. Hope all is safe your way, can see the fire's on the hill here tonite, how about you. Uncle Steve

  2. Well I have been trying to think of a Halloween scary story and Can not think of any. I work in a scary office full of scary folks but they do not just come in on Halloween, evey day is scary here. Although the movie Halloween, (the first one),was scary after that they just got dumb.

  3. One of most scariest moments was when I was little I do not how old I was I knocked at a door and the scariest whitch came to the door with a tray of cookies and said she just made these out of little children. I just grabed one and ran. Aunt Christine

  4. Ha Ha! At least you got the cookie. Did it taste like children? That was a good one.

  5. Honestly, don't remember if I even ate the cookie, so I couldn't tell you what it tasted like. I do remember it being homemade though. But she was the ugliest witch I can say I ever saw in person, she looked like the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz. Green face and the biggest wart on her nose. Aunt Christine


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