Wednesday, October 31, 2007

School Pictures

Catherine's School Picture
Our Little 3rd Grader

Carolynn's have not come yet. As a matter of fact, the check I wrote for it has yet to cash and that was mid-September. We may have to have her picture done ourselves. I think I may know some one who works at the Kiddie Kandids.


  1. she is looking so grown up!!!


  2. You can see her pretty face! They must have taken the picture early in the day, before she could get the rubberband out.
    Yep I know someone that works at Kiddie Kandids too. They do good work there, we need to go and have a big picture of all of us done. We can all wear a favorite baseball jersey or football jersey. You can pick it by the color if you want, you do not have to be a fan....


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