Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Towering Inferno

I am home again from work today. I am working from home. It is smoky and there is ash raining down. Luckily, there are no fires heading for us, just above and below us. The one closest to us was a smaller one and they have it 100% contained. There are no evacuations for our area. The evacuation boundaries came very close last night, but have since been scaled back. It is a mess.

Carolynn is very upset about this whole thing. She has asked me a million times if anyone we know is in the fire. So far, no one we know has had to be evacuated except my boss and his family who live in the voluntary evacuation zones. They are safely out of town. Carolynn is also concerned about her turtle and the cats. She does not need to worry because we would not leave them. Poor Carolynn gets so upset over stuff. I am trying to keep her busy. We are going to watch Dreamgirls and have hot dogs. Last night we had egg rolls and fried rice.

Carolynn still wants to have her Halloween party on Saturday, but with the schools being closed until Monday, it makes it very difficult to invite friends. Who knows what will happen by Saturday anyway. She is trying to call around and ask people, but she only knows like two or three kids phone numbers. I have a feeling it is going to be canceled. Maybe only Jessica will come. We will have to see.

With school being canceled, I imagine the cross country championship will be canceled too.

Carolynn is having a rough week.


  1. Well I hope that at least a couple of her friends can come over. Poor Carolynn, at least everyone one is safe. No telling if the fires will be contained by saturday. I hope that no one in her class lost their home in the fire. Maybe she can wait a week and have an after Halloween party. I know how much she was looking forward to her party.
    There is a lot of smoke hanging over the mountains here, The pass is open right now but you never know, things can change pretty fast. It is best to stay home if you can.
    Of course there are county employees that live everywhere and some have been evacuated, and homes have been lost. They are pulling names for people to work to help with FEMA applications as well as other programs.
    It is pretty scary how fast people lost everything. Glad that you guys are safe and watching Dream Girls.

  2. Stay inside and away from that smoke, it really got to Hope's eyes and throat yesterday, and I am feeling it today, from breathing it for so long yesterday, so glad I don't smoke anymore, as I know it would really be bad. We were just watching the news and they showed this plane that is dropping stuff on the Arrowhead fire, it holds 50 tons and it only takes 5 to 10 minites to come back to the Victorville Airport here on the old George Airbase, they showed it on TV and we went outside and sure enough it was here within 10 minites, it is huge, gonna try and get a picture of it and will send to you, how amazing something this huge is being used here for a fire. Once again you be safe and let the girls know they are safe and so are their animals. Uncle Steve

  3. I'm glad to hear you're still okay and sorry that Carolynn's plans are probably going to be spoiled. You guys hang in there and keep all of us updated. I don't want to call cuz you're not supposed to be on your cell phone. (((((HUGS))))

  4. Just wanted to pass your way, the Pala casino will stay open, but they closed the Hotel for only the firefighter that have come to your area to fight the fires from all over, that is way kewl. They do deserver respect for doing that. Once again how are you down there, its starting to get smokier in our skys here. Uncle Steve


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