Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Day, Another Dollar

Carolynn is starting a volcano project. It sounds messy. I've been catching up on my DVR shows. That's it. Really, that's it. My life is just not that exciting. If anyone else has something exciting to share, let me know.

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  1. Well we may me getting an offer on my Dad's mobile home, so keep your fingers crossed there. My mom's birthday is on Dec 4th, we are going to make a quilt panel in her honor on the AFA "Quilt to Remember". It will be 4ft by 4ft Helen will be putting the squares all together and we are putting photos and dates and we are submitting a story about her life. The quilt tours all over the world to help people understand dementia and Alzheimers. You can check it out at www.alzfdn.org. I am sure you and the girls will want to help too. If you would like to add some fabric squares or a story or a favorite picture or all of the above just let me know.


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