Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Lied

So, I didn't make that video I promised yet. I was busy all day. I went to the grocery store and to the bank and then made dinner. I made my Aunt Paveena's famous egg rolls. Then Survivor came on and I will have to take a shower and watch CSI. Maybe tomorrow we will have our video.


  1. You need to send me the egg roll recipe. I've never made my own and I don't like the ones that come from Chinese restaurants.

  2. Guess what it is raining in the high desert, and not just a few drops but real rain. I haven't seen rain since I was in New York. Too bad I had to come to work, it would be a nice day to stay home in front of the fire and watch chick flicks.


  3. It's been pouring here all day. It's strarting to look like the wholeworld is a puddle now. If it's raining there, be careful at Kiowa and Yucca Loma... you'll need a canoe.

    Trish, Aunt Paveena eggrolls are easy. I will e-mail you the recipe.

  4. Good! I can't wait to try them out. Yay!


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