Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Kids Say The Darndest Things

1. This is an old one. Out of Carolynn’s mouth when I wouldn’t let her play with something… (In the saddest, most pathetic tone possible) “I guess I’ll just play with this honeybun box.” Seriously, we still tease her about that. Anything sad and pathetic now calls for an empty honeybun box.

2. This one I have on video. Maybe I will post it sometime. Basically, Catherine was in trouble for not cleaning her room. But instead of cleaning, she was in there playing with Carolynn’s video camera. Then we get such classics as…

A. Shaking a fist at the camera… “You see this fist? It will come down on you if you don’t make Carolynn help me.”

B. Showing random piles of junk… “Look at this stuff. This isn’t all my stuff. I am smaller than the pile. You have to be kidding me.”

C. After we wouldn’t let her have pizza for dinner… “All they gave me was bread with Goober in the middle of it! And water! I have water! (shows water bottles) I might just die.”

We will probably tease her about that until forever. (Do you see this fist…)

3. This one from last night. Carolynn holds up her first three fingers at her sister and tells her to read between the lines. I almost fell of the couch laughing.

Just thinking about times like those makes me laugh until I cry. That video I posted earlier makes me laugh too. All mom’s should watch it.

Last nights chicken and noodles were so good. I was playing Iron Chef in the kitchen and added a dash of ground thyme to my noodle dough. It was yummy. Tonight, hot dogs. Woo.

Carolynn and Catherine were interested in my NaBloPoMo challenge. So I gave them a challenge. They have to post 5 days a week for the rest of November and if they do it successfully I will give them $20 gift cards to the store of their choice. They spent last night deciding on the store and what to buy and didn’t post yesterday. But, as they pointed out, they only have to post 5 days a week. Carolynn is opting for the Build-A-Bear gift card. Catherine is going for Wal-Mart because they have everything at Wal-Mart and if David takes her, they'll get a discount. She's a penny pincher. Give them each $20, Carolynn will buy one thing that is $20 and Catherine will buy 20 $1.00 things and have a coupon and come back with $2.00 left.

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  1. This post is too funny. The mom video was spot on too. I said all those things last night and probably will again today. And I have a kid-ism for you. Last night, M had to go to bed 1/2 an hour early for not cleaning her room (she played her recorder instead like I wasn't going to hear it or something). Her reaction to her punishment: "You must love S more than me." Whatever.


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