Monday, November 05, 2007


My friend Trish is doing this NaBloPoMo challenge. Basically, NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month, challenges you to post at least once everyday for the whole month of November. So far she is doing pretty good. I have decided to take on the challenge myself. The first four days were easy. It was David’s Birthday and I posted David posts, most of which were pretty funny. Now, here comes the hard part…. The rest of the month.

This week we are having a Wizard of Oz theme since my mom, Carolynn and I will be seeing Wicked this Sunday. We are so excited. We have listened to the soundtrack many times. I am still trying to get through the book, but it is slow reading. On Saturday we are going to visit my Grandpa. I will have to bring him another casserole. I also thought about just bringing him a container of homemade frozen sauce and a package of pasta so he could easily whip that up for himself. We’ll have to see. Tonight I am whipping up some chicken noodle soup with the homemade noodles. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

It’s a chilly day… and my boss left the air on all weekend. I am freezing. Of course, in here, I am freezing in July. I turned the heat on when I got here, but he turned it off when he got here. The battle continues…


  1. Enjoy seeing Wicked! I saw it in Chicago early this year and enjoyed it. The backdrop is pretty cool and it sticks very well to the book.

  2. We can't wait! We are seeing it in Los Angeles. My friend Angela saw it when it was here in San Diego. She loved it.

  3. Well so glad last weeks posts are over, now back to some family stuff again. Wow, what news it was to hear that your Grandpa will be selling his Mobile Home and moving in the near future, should be good for him hopefully, but the best thing is he is finally getting out of that hell hole they call the town of Rialto, a true ghetto!! Since he has now turned into a pro gambler, will be great with him living in Nevada, the capital of gaming. With the town he is going to being about an hour from Las Vegas,it has the biggest growth in Nevada and we have heard alot of people are doing the same thing there as they do up here in the high desert with Los Angeles and commuting, sure hope it doesn't turn into as bad an area as we have turned up here. The first thing your grandpa said to us was how wonderful the area was being so white, I am certain it won't stay that way for very long. Sure hope it all works out great for him though. He deserves to spend his aging years in a better place than Rialto, California. We sure aren't planing on staying here in California for much longer, but we are waiting for the next housing boom, right now it is a buyers market again, and should go back to being a sellers market again in a couple years. At this point our sites are set on the east coast, preferably somewhere like North Carolina, such a beautiful place, but only time will tell, we don't want a place that is ever as hot as this desert we chose to live in. Well looks like you made other plans for Saturday, so maybe you can let us know the next time you can make a day and put it aside for us. Chat soon..... U.S.

  4. Well, David's family reads this blog too. So I am sure they enjoyed David stuff. Also, I thought some of David's stuff was pretty funny. You must remember that this blog is about my home and David lives here too. All that and it was his birthday.

    Yes, I think Grandpa is really going to love Nevada. He can play slots with other old folks. Anyway, I am going to his house Saturday to help him get it clean for potential buyers. Sorry about that. You hadn't got back to me and this sort of came up unexpectedly. I don't think I am doing anything the following weekend. :)


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