Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Saturday Evening Post

We did some cleaning today. It looks much better in here. We got all the camping things cleaned and put away. We got the boxes of Halloween decorations that we packed up after Halloween was over. They have been sitting on the porch waiting. We cleaned the kitchen and made our stuffed pork chops. They were okay. The veggie and rice stuffing wasn’t for me. Catherine loved it. The pork chop was a bit dry. They weren’t terrible, just not something we will try again.

Carolynn got her report card today. She got all A’s and B’s.

I have been watching cooking shows all day. I want to get one of these electronic meat probe things for my turkey. I think I am going to try it the Good Eats way. Alton Brown usually gives the easiest and best way.

Tomorrow, more of the same. More cleaning. More Laundry. Fried Chicken.

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