Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Working Class Girl

I need a new job. Do not get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with the job I have now. My boss is nice enough. He pays me a decent wage. It is just that this job is not going anywhere. There is no room for advancement. This is not the kind of job that will allow us to move on to bigger and better. This job keeps everything the same and keeps us from going broke.

When I was looking for a job before and I found this one, I had very little requirement for a job. I just needed one to pay the bills. Now, I want to find one that not only pays the bills, but also will allow me to provide a better life for my family.

This new job can be anywhere, as long as it doesn’t have Wisconsin winters. A little dusting of snow occasionally, I can handle. I won’t go anywhere where the snow is going to over take me. It is expensive to live in California, unless you have the high paying job to go with it. Therefore, I am not totally against moving out of California.

I need a job that pays around the same as I get now (or more) so I can still afford to live.

I need a job I can do. I do well with paperwork and computers. I am well organized. I work well with people. However, I am no good at sales. I just cannot force people or trick people into buying things. I cannot just go up to people and try to sell them things and I will not do that to them over the phone either. I need a good administrative position.

I am aware that I am going to college, but that takes time and I need something in the mean time. A real job. A good job. That is what I need. If anyone knows where I can find such a job, TELL ME! My current plan is to find this job and move if necessary next summer when the kids are out of school.

I see that everyone has been enjoying Catherine’s video. Just for the record, we do feed her. Goober is a brand of peanut butter with the jelly swirled in. In addition, I eventually cleaned the room, and now Catherine is grounded. Carolynn usually keeps it pretty tidy. Also, amazingly enough, she did not feel it was such an injustice when it was Carolynn’s turn to clean it. It is not just cleaning her room that she is against. She is generally that dramatic over any chore. Except taking out the garbage. She will gladly take out the trash, but it will take her 45 minutes to do it. Anyone else would have been done in about 3 minutes.


  1. Are you willing to move to N.C.? I'll start looking for job for you if so. ;) Also, have you tried putting your resume on I've heard of people having a lot of success with that.

    And yes, the video was hilarious. It's nice to know my kids aren't the only drama queens out there.

  2. N.C. would be good if you promised to stay there too. :) Also, Monster and Careerbulder are okay, but I end up getting way more spam and temp agencies than actual job leads.

  3. I tried the Monster thing but had better luck checking out the area on line and seeing what was available. I Looked in Kentucky and since the university is a hospital lots of jobs in billing and records and they offered some help with college expenses as well. I checked and the oldest person to graduate with a masters from UK was 82. How ever it is humid as heck there and I am not crazy about eastern time. Tennessee was nice when we visited and they have no state taxes, however they have very high unemployment in the south. The poorest people in America live in the southern states. Some of that has to do with the demagraphics. There are alot of poor blacks, and the welfare system is not nearly as generous as California. On the west coast Washington has no state taxes, it is very green there but also damp and cold winter through spring. I would like to visit there in the summer though.
    Boston has more colleges then you can even imagine,and very expensive to live in the city. Harvard hires people as does Boston hospital but you will freeze your rear end off.

  4. Well, I don't want to go anywhere it snows too much. It would be nice to go somewhere I already knew people, but that isn't a requirement. Just somewhere cheaper that has a more stable job with potential.


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