Thursday, November 08, 2007

Writers Block

I never have been forced to write before. Usually I just write when I feel like it, but thanks to NaBloPoMo, here I am, with nothing. I got some new shoes to wear to Wicked. That is not very exciting news but here is a picture.

In addition, my friend Trish got a new cell phone today. She loves herself some cool gadgets. She got a Chocolate phone. Hers is Black Cherry. I also have a Chocolate phone. Mine is Strawberry. Here is a picture of mine.

This has to be the worst post in history, but I did it. One more day down…


  1. Hi! I am sitting here, my laptop battery flashing that it is going to cut me off from the world, screaming at the page to load, so I can tell you....

    I have BOOTS LIKE THAT!!! In brown, and obviously, well, BOOTS, but nevertheless I have brown boots that have that same detailing.

    AND I tried on a pair of shoes like that (in sparkly red!!!) but they didn't have them in my size....

    Check out my post from yesterday and a couple of days ago to see a small selection of mine.

    Oh I lurve shoes! Oh and coffee! Oh and yeah, my kids and husband and stuff :)

  2. OMG... Kelley! I love your shoes too. I was just checking your blog to see what they are wearing in Australia. I am leaving you a comment on your now. :)


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