Friday, December 07, 2007

Catherine’s Christmas Crafts

Today after work, Catherine and I went to the Wal-Mart to pick up David. (Carolynn is at her friend’s house, so look for two posts tomorrow.) We got there a little early so I asked Catherine if she wanted to do her Christmas shopping while we were there. She says okay. So I asked her what she was going to buy and who was she buying for. She looks at me seriously and says just as seriously,

“Mom is it okay if I just get creative?”

So here I am thinking she is going to do some serious shopping and find some presents. We get in the Wal-Mart and she pulls me off into the crafts section and starts grabbing stuff; feathers, pipe cleaners, puffy balls, glue, paint, glitter, ect. So I remind her we are supposed to be shopping for other people and ask her what she intends to do with all this. She explained she was going to make homemade Christmas gifts. They should be interesting.

Then we went to the Barnes and Noble so I could pick up my book for our book club. We are reading The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans. While I was there, Catherine got The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I loved that book when I was little. We are reading it together. Also, while we were there we had some of Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate. It was yummy.

After the bookstore, we went to the Albertson’s. We were in there and we were waiting by the meat counter so I could get hamburger. When the butcher lady got to us, Catherine announced she wanted fish. The lady asked her what kind of fish and she told her that she wanted whatever was on sale. I asked Catherine since when did she just buy fish. She gave me that same serious look and said,

“Mom, you said I could get creative.”

So she got fish and asked the lady how to cook it.

Christmas Wish Day 7

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  1. Fish sounds just lovely...maybe next try some turkey burgers. Good that you guys are getting creative it sounds like fun. It is cold and windy and I am going to spend the week-end getting things done in the house. I always say that, then I end up going down the hill and taking care of stuff, but this weekend I am staying home and getting things done......

  2. I know how much you love fish. :) Catherine got some tilapia filets. I never made that before. Catherine is going to try making those this week sometime. She is also working on her homemade Christmas gifts and she starts GATE this week.


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