Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Traditions

Here is the first on my list of my mom’s topics. (Trish did one today too.)We have a few traditions for Christmas. We always open a present on Christmas Eve. We always bake sugar cookies with my Grandma’s cookie cutters. There is always an orange in the stockings. When I was little, we opened a present on Christmas Eve and sometimes even before. My dad is just as impatient as a little kid is. There were oranges in the stockings too. My mom is not a big baker or anything so that is a newer tradition. In a previous lifetime, we had a tradition of eating tamales, enchiladas, and a big pot of beans. Last year I think we did ham or maybe a chicken. This year we are starting a new tradition of making homemade pizza on Christmas. Sometimes we drive around and look at the lights. We used to do that when I was younger.

Christmas Wish Day 6
Since love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul. -St. Augustine


  1. I like the Tamales, at Christmas time. A lady sells them in our office she makes all different kinds even sweet ones. I read your friends post too, I could not leave her a post but I had never heard of the oatmeal and glitter thing, and leaving Santa an Ice cold beer was funny. Pizza should be fun, everyone must have a favorite topping.

  2. I like tamales too. The girls don't care for them. Trish doesn't allow anonymous comments, but she doesn't have to read them first either. I thought the beer and bologna was funny too. Pizza will be fun. I like sausage on mine.

  3. Well per your friends post, she has never had a fruit cake but do ask her for the recipe for the cake with the pineapple in it.


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