Monday, December 03, 2007

Good Grief Charlie Brown

Carolynn and I are watching a Charlie Brown Christmas. I got a few more presents under my tree. The cats love the ribbon and the garland. It is so festive. I seriously have very little to say today. However, the Holidailies rules say it has to be 50 words or include a picture. I have no picture. Catherine got in trouble at school today because she is not turning in her homework. I check it everyday. I do not know what she does with it. Maybe she is just showing me the same homework repeatedly and only doing it once or twice a week. She is sitting there at the table for long periods. The homework is not hard. Her teacher says it may even be too easy for her. Yet, here we are. Catherine is grounded. I took away her TV. I took away her littlest pet shops. Maybe that will get some homework done.

156 words… That will do it.

Christmas Wish Day 3
As any one can tell you, there are three major parties in America... Republican, Democratic, and Tupperware.


  1. Well poor Catherine she needs to do things the hard way. She spends more time trying to get out of doing stuff then if she would have just gotten the job done. Well thats just the way of her, see this fist?????

  2. Well, she is excited about GATE so maybe that will help.


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