Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today we turned in our volcano project!! My mom drove me and Jessica to school. When the bell rang everyone looked at my volcano! When we had presentations I thought I was going but I am going first tomorrow. :( I hope I don't mess up on my presentation. Tomorrow my math class is going to find out how much the 12 days of Christmas guy spent.


  1. Hope you enjoy your new socks and liked the goodies we sent you, which color of the socks did you pick, I figured you would go with the light green. Sure hope your volvano was a big hit at school today. Hope Santa is good to you and your lil sister, hope she doesn't get a bag of coal for the way she has been lately, hahaha. Love Uncle Steve and Aunt Chris

  2. Well hope you get an A on your Volcano, I bet your's is the best,to bad you didn't get to make some black gooey lava that would have been so cool.It could have been like that Chocolate fountain that we saw in Pahrump.


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