Monday, December 31, 2007

More Relatives

Yesterday was fun. First, Carolynn and I went and visited Chris, Sherri, and Taylor. It was a nice visit. Then we picked up Alyssa from my mom’s house and we went to her house. Then Aunt Paveena, Jonathan, Alyssa, Carolynn and I went to lunch at Carl's Jr. Then we went to the movies to see Enchanted. It was a good movie. It was kind of cheesy, but it was good. Jonathan and Alyssa did not want to see that movie so they just went and hung out in the mall. (We were seeing the movie at Ontario Mills.) I do not get to hang out with them a lot and my cousin Jonathan I do not think I ever hung out with, so it was fun. It makes my Aunt so happy when everyone is together.(Even if we have to wait on Jonathan and his Hollywood showers.)

Today my sister and her boyfriend (I believe his name is Chris but I just forgot so I cannot be sure) are coming over to spend New Years. I am making tasty treats and we will have a fun time. I am also making a video about 2007 that I should have posted tomorrow. Look for it. It is a long one.


  1. Well I saw the picture you posted yesterday and I said well there's something you don't see everyday....Carolynn and Jonathan sitting next to each other, and Jon is smiling. I know Jonathan can take some long showers, you never have worry about him having B.O.

  2. Well hope you had fun last night, Mike said everyone was still up at midnight. Alyssa was still up hanging with her friends at her house, everyone had a fun and safe night.
    Your phone takes a pretty good picture. New phones are so high tech, texting, picture taking, e-mail, they can even tell you where you are.


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