Sunday, December 16, 2007

Right Down Santa Clause Lane

Today we were busy. However, we had a great day. David had his first weekend day off since August. He and Carolynn worked on her volcano project. It looked messy. Then the girls and I made some sugar cookies and decorated them. David came up with a plan to open our Christmas Eve presents today. He figured that since he had the day off and the girls and I will not be home next weekend until Monday afternoon, and he had to work anyway, we might as well go for it. Besides, the children were circling the tree like a couple of vultures. So Carolynn opened a new book, Black Beauty. I thought she would like that one. Catherine opened a Lego monkey. She loves Lego’s and when I saw that, it had Catherine’s written all over it. David opened Carolynn’s present to him, a DVD of Robin Hood; Men In Tights. He had that one before, but Carolynn accidentally sent it through the washing machine. Therefore, she got him a new one. He laughed when he opened it. It was funny. Carolynn knew he would laugh. I opened what David got me, a DVD of Hairspray. I had not seen that one before. We watched it this afternoon. It was pretty good. I could have done without John Travolta in drag, but over all it was good. It was sort of corny and goofy, but we liked it. For dinner, we made fish. It was good.

We got our Christmas lights all fixed up too. It’s almost Christmas!

12 Days Of Christmas
On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Three French Hens, Two Turtledoves, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree.


  1. Well sounds like a good day, except for the fish. We watched football, put up some lights, and went to the store for milk and bread. Now we are watching Survivor and we do not want stick girl to win.

  2. I don't like Todd. He is such a little weasel.

  3. Sounds like a good day. Nothing like getting to have Christmas a little early.

  4. I did not want Todd or stick girl to win and they were number one and two. Not good, not good at all.
    Well I wanted the lunch lady to win, but I did not like any of them too much.


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