Saturday, December 15, 2007

So Be Good For Goodness Sake

While I bake, I am watching a Saturday Night Live Christmas Special. I love Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song. I figured that while I am sitting around waiting for the holiday treats to bake up, I would finish off the list of questions my mom sent.

Have you ever gone caroling? What kind of reaction would you get from your neighbors?

I have caroled before. In high school, I was in a choir and we caroled around the school and around the mall. However, if I did it here, first, I would have to learn some Spanish carols. Even if I did, my neighbors would think I was crazy.

Do you have any friends or family members whose birthday is on Christmas day? How would you deal with that? Let your child have a sleepover in July instead?

I do not know anyone whose birthday is Christmas. My friend Paula had a brother who was born on February 29. That is it.

That is all of them. If she sends anymore, I will certainly answer them.

Now back to baking and folding laundry.


  1. Well, I will spend today getting things done around here. We have lights to put up, cleaning to do, I have some laundry to get done.
    Of course Mike is making sure the yard is free of "Beagle Berries" so that Catherine can roam the yard without fear. That is a crappy job but he has to do it everyday just to keep up.
    I never intended to end up with a heard of beagles it just happened that way, and soon we will have one more really fat one to add to the mix.
    Well I better get started so we can get done.

  2. Are you in need of any more list's I will be happy to help if you do. I did get a few things done today but I still have a few things to check off of my list.
    My mom always had a very tidy house, but she never held a job out side the home either. I think that was pretty common for that time period. My house isn't as tidy as hers but it is not a dump, and it keeps us warm in the winter so I am ok with that.
    I work 48 hours a week and then try and spend one day a week with my Dad, I do not have a lot of time to keep up with the dusting, but is dusting all that important anyway?

  3. I only clean one day a week, so if you ever come over, come on Sunday or Saturday night, or be prepared...

    I may not be as tidy as some, but we sure have a good time. :)

    If you want to send more questions, I know I could use some. I don't know if Trish is in need.


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