Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today is the second day of my fabulous unemployment. Well, maybe it is not exactly fabulous. It is not going nearly as planned.

First, my departure from my job did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. I assumed my boss would be mad, but I did not think he would react the way he did. He called dozens of times. I left messages that I did not even listen too. Jo Anna says she is sure he actually came here to my apartment. I was not here. I was still at my mom’s house. Then, to top it off, he fired Jo Anna and told her that he was firing her because business was bad and I wanted more money and he could give it to me if he fired her. I never spoke to him and no amount of money would make me go back. I cannot believe he fired her because of me. I quit a week earlier than I had planned because I just knew he was going to fire her. I had reasoned that he had to have one of us. He cannot even put the paper in the printer. I guess I was wrong. What a jerk. He is the one with the failing business.

Next, the house hunting went okay. I settled on a house I like and I put in the application to rent it. I should know tomorrow. It is looking very good. We are hoping to move in this weekend.

Finally, I still have no great new job. I had an interview on Sunday. The man was so excited to meet with me he wanted to meet with me on Sunday. He does not even own the business yet. He was very positive and a really nice guy. It seems promising. I have been applying for every job I can find. I am signed up with every job-hunting website I ever heard of. I applied for unemployment this afternoon.

Today was a crappy day. I got up early and dropped my car off. $171.00 later, my oil is changed, spark plugs are new, oil filter is new, air filter is new, tires are rotated, belts are tightened, a new brake light, and my air conditioner is working again. That is a good thing because it was HOT in the desert. I had a fight with the gas and electric company today. They tried to turn the electricity off today. I want them to shut it off on Monday. To make the day more special, Carolynn locked us all out of the house and our landlady wouldn’t let us in because it was after hours. Her office supposedly closes at six. It was 6:03. I am serious. She usually is not even in there. I cannot wait to get out of here. Do not even ask how much a locksmith cost.

After I dropped off my car I realized, when I got home, we had no food. Well, we had some, but we had no milk or bread. And I had no car. We ate scrambled eggs.

People keep saying it can only get better from here. I hope they are all right.


  1. Well I like scrambled eggs for dinner sometimes. Well I know that today will be better, maybe you will hear back about the job and the house in the same day.

  2. i cannot believe your boss fired the other lady. that is assinine! i am glad you found an awesome place to live. i am sure you will be approved for it and you can start moving this weekend. be sure to email me your new address when you get settled. maybe i can find the fundage to send you a housewarming gift. what kind of job was your interview on sunday for?

  3. Well, I should at least hear about the house. I emailed the guy about the job and told him I was ready to take the field.

    Heather... I know. I feel terrible for Jo Anna. I just knew he was going to fire her, that is why I quit when I did, thinking he'd need to keep her since I was gone. Now no one works there. My interview was at a different warehouse. This one distributes food instead of baskets. I will send you my new address as soon as I am sure of it.

    Today could be better. We shall see.

  4. Oh, Jenn! I'm so sorry things are ugly for you and your friend. But I'm glad you are getting out of a toxic environment. If he's that hard to quit, I can't imagine how bad he was to work for. I'm saying a prayer that things will get better for you and you will find an absolutely wonderful job soon.

  5. I hope something works out for you regarding the interview! I have my fingers crossed.

    Your boss (former) sounds like a nut case.

  6. I guess it's easier to see what a nut he is when I don't have to work there anymore. I feel worst for Jo Anna. I was expecting to be jobless and moving. She was not expecting to be fired. I did tell her that I thought he wanted to fired her on Monday, but we had hoped with me gone, he wouldn't. We were wrong. She has a teenage daughter. Now she has to find a new job.

  7. Sometimes people just do not want to see the big picture. The Guy should have kept Jo Anna but he is incharge and he wanted to make that fact clear, now he has to do it all himself.

  8. Well, he got his ex-wife in there working now. Roxanne is really nice, but she recently divorced him so I don't know why she would want to work there. Jo Anna saw her when she went there today to pick up her check. That guy is crazy. I am so glad I don't work here anymore.


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