Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Fresh Start

I have a house. It’s pretty cool. They could pick it up and plunk it a few miles closer to civilization, but we weren’t being choosy. I like the house itself. It has a cute little potbellied stove in the living room and glass display cupboards in the dining room. The yard is nice and big. It needs some work, but we are ready for it. We are still unpacking and getting settled. Now if I could just get a job to pay for this place, we'd be all set.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of this blog. I was too busy moving to do anything cool. Sorry. I am already over it.

I know it is supposed to be Wordless Wednesday. I will try and get to that later. Right now I would like to thank which ever of my new neighbors has the unsecured internet connection. Thanks pal. You’re a gem.

Monday was Trisha’s birthday. I hear she got herself some loot. Woo! LOOT! I sent her a card. She knows I am busy going crazy.


  1. So glad to hear you are not wandering the streets or living in your car. I'm sure a job will come soon, too. Meantime, enjoy the summer with your kids - you have a bit of free time, use it to make memories.

  2. I think the house sounds cute. Maybe we'll get to see pictures eventually when you get settled.

    You gotta love the people who don't encrypt their wireless internet connections, heheh.

    Didn't I say thanks for the card? If not, I meant to. Your crazy life distracted me, lol. Really, it made me laugh. Thanks.

  3. Well good for the neighbors, you are out there a little ways, but that could be a good thing. You should have a good view of the fire works on friday.

  4. So i bet you did not hear attention go cart riders!!! The cats will adjust but there is desert wild life in the area and Coyotes have been seen from time to time. It works great with the little Kitty door into the garage they are going to love all the space.

  5. Nope, I heard nothing but the neighbors dogs a little or the cats going through the cat door. It's nice and peaceful.

    Trisha, glad you liked the big hamburger card. I thought it was funny.

    Eve- Nope, not living on the street. WOOO!


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