Saturday, August 23, 2008

Puppies In The Park

Today has been an exciting day. First, I took Catherine to Lowe's where she built a truck. Then we came home and picked up David and Carolynn and the dog. We headed off to the Town Of Apple Valley Pet Fair. We had a good time. We got plenty of free loot... frisbees, dog treats, dog food, cat food, cat toys, dog toys, teeshirt, key chain... plenty of stuff. They had a lot of cute pets and fun stuff to do. I didn't have very many pictures, not enough for a video, but I made you all this fabulous slideshow of my top ten pictures. Enjoy!

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  1. i hope elvis had a good time!!!!

  2. Yep, he sniffed many dogs butts, got petted by lots of people, got some treats.. It was a fun time for our fat old Elvis.

  3. Well what a fun day, Elvis got to meet and great and it sounds like you got a lot of cool loot to boot. It was a nice day to be out doors as well.

  4. Yep, it sure was a nice day. The kids have been out enjoying the yard, twirling batons, planting flowers, cleaning off the back porch. It's nice to get out and enjoy the weather.

  5. Love your pictures. I'm going to have to figure out how to do a slide show like that! It looks like it was a fun day.


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