Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleep Is Over Rated

These shift changes are going to be the end of me. My feet are feeling better. I got some better bandages and am sticking with my old boots. The safety toes in my newer boots are too hard. My shirts came in the mail on Tuesday so I am a fully uniformed member of the team. I am learning a lot of stuff. Tomorrow I am working in the evening. My mom is picking up Carolynn after her band practice and then watching the girls for me in the evening.

We made homemade pizza for dinner tonight. It was nice. Now I am going to get some sleep and start again tomorrow.


  1. Yep I should be there to pick up at 4:30 or so then we will grab Catherine and be home in time to feed Grandpa.

  2. That is good. This way Carolynn can attend her band practice and they don't have to be alone. I am sure you will have fun.


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