Sunday, May 10, 2009


On Friday I went to my friend Nikki's house it was really fun. we played on the computer and walked around and play DDR (were so interesting). The next day we went to Knott's Berry Farm. We all met at the school.

That's Nikki, Merissa, and Serena all of us we were all waiting for the bus to come. Finally when the bus got there we had to put all 75 kids on the bus three to a seat.we were squashed. Then we got to the High School we were performing for band and we got a silver metal for are songs. Silver was just below gold and the Alto saxophone's got a musicship award and I got to go up on stage and get it. Unfortunately we couldn't have cameras in there.

Then we went to Knott's it was so fun.

Here we are at the line for lunch I had a hot dog.

Nikki and me

In the back you can see ghostrider. it was fun to ride. So was silverbullet.

All my friends again. In every picture Serena looks funny.

It was funny at the end of the day we all split me and Marissa went to Silver bullet but the rest were scared. So when we went off we thought it was time to go at six. We didn't know were to meet at the gate or bus so we went all the way out to the bus and we found out we needed to meet at the gate and the check in time was seven we were waiting for a hour were so stupid.

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