Friday, June 05, 2009

Things I Feel Like Writing About

So it has been a long week. I have tomorrow off. I am looking forward to it. It is also going to be Allison’s birthday. She is going to be 6. We got her a little gift. The other day David and I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. You know what… I wasn’t too impressed. I mean, sure there was plenty of Brad Pitt, and that is always a good thing, but it was sad and left too many questions. It wasn’t a terrible movie, but I was disappointed. Today we are watching American Gangster. No Brad Pitt, but Denzel Washington isn’t too hard on the eyes either. Later, Carolynn and I are watching Fools’ Gold. (Matthew McConaughey is pretty hot too.)

Today they had award ceremonies for both girls at their schools. At the same time of course. David went to Carolynn’s and I went to Catherine’s. Carolynn got a Best Paw Forward award. I am not sure what that is for. Catherine got a Presidential Fitness award and a Perfect Attendance award. She was the only kid in her class to get a Perfect Attendance Award.

I forgot what else was going to say. So here is another Big Bear picture. This one is of the ski slopes.


  1. I wasn't that impressed with Benjamin Button, either. And I agree that Denzel is definitely not hard on the eyes!

  2. I didn't know how I felt about Benjamin Button after I watched it. A very strange movie. Brett my 10 year old watched it too and had a ton of questions. He really didn't like how he began as a baby old man then ended up a baby again. He thought he should of been a big old man in the beginning. Imagine that birth! I did love watching Brad Pitt, yummy!


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