Monday, August 31, 2009

Review of Harry Potter:End

I finished my book today!!!It was 1 of the 2 best books I've ever read!(the other Harry Potter)This is what happened:Harry,Ron,and Hermione found out about the chamber of secrets because it was written on the wall and under the writing was a petrified cat,Ms. Norris.Then Harry got in a quidditch accident and while he was in the hospital wing a person was petrified,Collin Creevley.He was talking to nearly headless nick(the ghost that has been haunting the grifindor tower)about how Nick couldn't get in the headless hunt because hes nearly headless.After that Harry went to Nick's deathday party.And he has been hearing voices in the wall.Then there was a dueling club where he got pared up with Malfoy.After dueling club there was anther attack,Justin and Nearly Headless Nick were petrified.Then they made a potion and Harry and Ron turned into Malfoy's sidekicks Crabbe and Goyle and Hermione turned into a cat on accident.Then Penelope Clearwater(Percey's girlfriend)and Hermione were petrified.Harry and Ron went to Hagrid's house and heard someone said follow the spiders and they did.They met Aragog the huge spider.And he told them Moaning Myrtle is the girl who got killed 50 years ago.Then they went to see Hermione even though she was petrified and they found a piece of paper in her hand.They read it and it said the thing that lived in the chamber was a basilisk the king of all serpents.So they went to the staff lounge to tell the teachers what they know but they found out what the teachers know.Ginny(Jinny)is trapped inside the chamber!!!
So they told Lockheart everything and went to save Ginny!They found the entrance
and went in.Harry left them alone while he went to save Ginny.When he got to her she was dieing because of Tom Riddle,also known as Lord Voldemort.She wrote in his diary gave Voldemort power.And he defeated the basilisk and defeated Voldemort for the third time by taking the fang of the serpent and stabbing the book.And almost everything was back to normal and they had feast to celebrate.:I thought this book was great.

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