Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Aftermath

There are sleeping bags and pillows everywhere. Popcorn and chips are all over my floor. Empty cups and paper plates are on every surface. Little girls in jammies are staggering about, looking like zombies. Some have marker on their faces, price of falling asleep too fast. I heard them giggling and playing until at least 3am. We had pizza and birthday pie. Wii games, regular games and a scavenger hunt. It was the birthday party of the decade.

Catherine didn’t even know she was having a party until early this week when I handed her some invitations to hand out. Then she didn’t know when of what kind of part she was having until her friends opened the invitations. Still she thought I had to work, so she thought she would be having a small party with some cheap food and they would have to play quietly in her room. What she didn’t know is we were planning a big party, with balloons and games and prizes. We ordered pizza from Nick’s Pizza. We got pie from Marie Callander’s. We had balloons and decorations. We picked everything up yesterday. Catherine was very surprised. She has three friends from school, one friend from her softball team, and Allison. I invited Allison because she would have been crushed if Catherine had a party and she knew about it, but hadn’t been invited, even if she is only 6. Everyone had fun. Catherine said it was the best birthday she ever had. You only turn 10 once.

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