Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Harry Potter Reveiw

The quidich match with slytherin was canceled instead they were against Huffle Puff.While they were playing dementors came and Harry heard his mother being killed in his head then he fell off his broom from about 50 feet!He woke up in hospital wing with the Gryfindor team.After a while he got better.Then Harry couldn't go to Hogsmead Because Aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon didn't sign the permission slip.Ron and Hermione went and brought him back a lot of candy from Honeydukes.Then they had there Halloween feast.Around Christmas they took another trip to hogsmead and harry didn't get to go ,but Fred and George gave him the Mareders map which had 7 secret tunnels to hogsmead.Fred and George stole it from Filch.4 of them Filch knew about,1 of them was caved in,1 of them was next to whomping willow, and the other was safe.

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