Monday, October 05, 2009


I know I have been busy. I have been working so hard. I had some car trouble. I have been trying to get all my bills caught up and see if we can try and sneak a vacation in. The girls are on vacation right now. But it isn’t looking like a possibility. Car problems and bills came between us. Then, to make it worse, my debit card number got hacked. Luckily Chase caught it and canceled my card. However, now I have no card and I will have to re-enter my new card number for my Netflix and car insurance. It is so inconvenient to have no card.

Like I said, Carolynn and Catherine are on fall vacation. We have gotten a lot of chores taken care of and got the Halloween decorations up. Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. The girls and I went to see him today and take him a gift. My Grandpa got the girls some shirts on his vacation to Reno. David has some family coming to visit this week. His dad and sister will be arriving on Thursday. I will be at work.

I’ll try and write something more amazing tomorrow.


  1. Wow. Lots going on. Glad Chase caught your debit card problem before it got out of hand.

  2. Thanks Diana. I was glad too. It was a large unusual purchase that tipped them off... Trying to spend more than I had at a place I was not shopping. Go Chase!


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