Thursday, November 05, 2009

Harry Potter Reveiw

I finished my book!Harry Ron and Hermione went to Hagrid's house for Buckbeak's
execution.Hagrid was very sad about that.While they were there they found...Scabbers!They were going back to the castle then Scabbers jumped out of Ron's pocket and Crookshanks chased him.Ron chased them but got dragged into a hole at the bottom of the whomping willow's roots by a werewolf.That werewolf wasn't just a werewolf it was professor Lumpin!Harry and Hermione followed the tunnel under the tree until they got to the shrieking shack Sirius Black was in there and they found out that Scabbers name wasn't Scabbers nor was he even a rat!He was Peter Pettigrew.
Sirius was the good guy and Pettigrew was bad.Pettigrew,Sirius,and Mr. James Potter were animagus.Sirius was Harry's godfather.Harry and Hermione used a Time-Turner to go back in time and saved an innocent man(Sirius Black)and Buckbeak.Yay!

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