Friday, March 19, 2010

A Day In The Life

Things To Talk About

Every day I have conversations with inmates. Some are more pleasant than others.

How are you today C.O.?
What do you have for lunch today?
Did you see the Super Bowl?
Read any good books?
Did you see any good movies?
You catch that episode of (Insert TV Show Here)?

Some of them try and be nosy…

Inmate- Are you married?
Me- Are you?

Inmate- Do you have kids?
Me- Do you?

Inmate- Do you live around here?
Me- Close enough to drive here every day, but far enough away not to have to see it.

Inmate- What kind of car do you drive?
Me- The kind that goes forward. Goes reverse too.

One inmate always wants to tell me about his Islamic religion… Al-Salamu Alaykum.

There is another inmate who asks me every time I see him if I have muffins today. I often have muffins in my lunch. Little Debbie muffins are yummy.

Another inmate asks me every day if I am straight… not like if I am gay or straight, but like if I am good I guess… Whatever.

Sometimes inmates tell me about themselves. They tell me about the crimes they committed. They tell me about their families, places they have been, jobs they have held, and things they would like to do when they get out.

In reality not every inmate is unpleasant. They are real people after all.


  1. LOL Jenny, when someone asks you if you're "straight" they're asking if you have everything you need, are having a good day, and/or how are you depending on the context of the conversation (unless of course they're inquiring about your sexual orientation, but I doubt that they are). I'm guessing they're just asking how you're doing today. Reply with "yes thanks" and you'll be good ;).

    The fact of the matter is that there are many reasons why someone would end up in that place. Some really do need to be there because they're a threat to society, and others are there because they were in the wrong place, at the wrong time, under the wrong circumstances. It is very important to treat EVERYONE with respect, regardless of which side of the gate their on, because you just never know who they know.

    Thank you for treating inmates like they're human.

  2. Years ago I use to work on a military base and they had inmates that would work odd jobs around our department. It was interesting to hear their stories too. I remember one guy worked in this building where I went frequently to have blueprints copied and he ran the big copy machine. He was a chiropractor but he was convicted of some sort of insurance fraud.
    You just never know someone's story.

  3. Lol Jen. When he asks if I am straight I say "As always." It's true though, you never know. I stay firm, fair, and consistant with all inmates. I try too anyway.


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