Friday, April 02, 2010

A Day In The Life

It’s A Man’s World

I know what I do is not typically considered “woman’s work”. I work in male prisons. Only about 27% of Bureau employees are women. That includes teachers, secretaries, nurses and all that as well as the officers. If you count just the officers, that percent is much lower. I am used to being surrounded by men, both staff as well as inmates. Most of the staff are super people. I would say 85% of all staff I have met are awesome. The other 15% though… (There are some women included in that too.)

This is how I see the men that fall into that “other” 15%. Totally my own observations and opinions here.

The Chivalry Guy- This guy will not let me do anything. He won’t let me lift things, or do anything dirty. “I will get the trash.” “I will get that box.” “I will escort that inmate.” You get the picture. This is usually the same guy who is complaining to other guys about how he has to do my job for me because I can’t. I hate working with that guy.

The Women-Should-Do-Everything-If-They-Want-To-Work-Here Guy- He is the opposite of the Chivalry Guy. He makes me do everything. Even the stuff I can’t. I can’t lift a 100lb box. I will never make it down the stairs with this giant bag of trash. I can’t. Impossible. Well, then I shouldn’t work there. This guy thinks that if I can’t do everything he can, I shouldn’t be there. He also goes out of his way to make it as difficult as possible. He is a jerk and after a day with that guy I am usually exhausted.

The Looking-For-A-Fight Guy- Just what it says...

The Lazy Dude- Does nothing. He comes in, does as little as possible and leaves. I hate working with that guy or after that guy.

The I-Never-Spoke-To-A-Woman Guy- This guy is usually an okay guy. He just doesn’t seem to know what to say. And then he usually says something inappropriate. Yes, I am a girl. It’s okay.

The Everything-A-Woman-Says-Is-A-Pick-Up Guy- Yep, I really hate this guy. If I am the least bit polite to this guy, obviously I want to go home and sex him up immediately.

The Everything-He-Says-Is-A-Pick-Up Guy- Oh yeah, if you have boobs, he will ask you out.

The worst ones are when they are combo guys… those last three ones are frequently all in one really creepy guy. Chivalry Guy and Looking-For-A-Fight Guy are also often the same guy. Same with Lazy Dude and Women-Should-Do-Everything-If-They-Want-To-Work-Here Guy.

But really most of them are

The Nice-Family-Guy-Who-Is-Easy-To-Work-With-And-Is-There-If-You-Need-A-Hand Guys.

I like those ones.


  1. I bet the nice guys are the fewest in number, though. Sorry to say, but that's usually the way it is. I enjoyed this post!

  2. Actually, most of the guys are pretty cool, it is just the ones with the issues are so darn memorable.


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