Sunday, April 25, 2010

Soccer Mom

In case anyone didn’t know yet, Catherine has given up softball in favor of soccer. She has had two games so far. They haven’t won yet. Her team is black and white. They are called the Black Flames . They came up with that name themselves. Her coach, Roxy, is a college student. She is 20. She graduated from Granite Hills here in town in 2008. She is nice and the girls all like her. Catherine seems to be having a good time. She likes to go, she made some friends on her team and isn’t nearly as afraid of the ball.

Catherine is still doing really well in school. We found out recently that they are moving the 6th grade out of the middle school and into the elementary schools. So she will continue to go to the same school next year rather than on to middle school. That is fine with me. I didn’t like the idea of her in that middle school anyway. Catherine really wants to do home school like Carolynn, but they have programs for 7th grade and up. If she still wants to, she can start 7th grade there. I think she is a little jealous of the attention Carolynn gets with her studies, plus the art and field trips. We try to include her in as much of that as possible. She made a Picasso painting.

David plays games with her and she has friends too. She is just such a Catherine. We like her that way. Maybe now that my car is fixed, we can get her out to a Dodger game or at least a Maverick’s game. She is excited about summer coming and concerts in the park. She wants to swim and go camping. Last night she slept over at her friend Cady’s house.

That is pretty much the life of Catherine. And no, her room is still not clean.

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