Friday, August 13, 2010

A Day In The Life

I Could Have Been Stabbed

As I have stated before, inmates are counted regularly throughout the day and are required to stand for some of these counts. It is pretty routine, but some inmates like to make things as difficult as possible.

One afternoon another officer and I are conducting one of these counts. The inmates are locked in and we announce the count. We begin counting. The inmates are not cooperating. They have their lights off, their windows covered, and they are in bed. It is the middle of the day. I start pounding on the doors. I yell at them to get up, uncover the windows, and turn on the lights. They are now grumbling, but they are reluctantly getting up and turning on the lights.

But one guy, he apparently did not understand this ritual. He yelled at me, “Bitch, you’re gonna get stabbed for this shit.”

Okay, so he is behind a locked cell door. What are the chances that he will be allowed out after he just threatened me?

The other officer and I finish counting. I call the lieutenant and inform him of the situation. The other officer and I continue to count in her unit.

After the count, other officers arrive to take the inmate who threatened me away. The inmate was already dressed and ready to go.

Well, duh.

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