Monday, August 23, 2010

Despite My Death

David’s sister Gena and David’s friend Robbie came to spend the weekend. They came on Saturday (while I was on drugs) and they left on Sunday. Saturday night we had some spaghetti and played some games. We got a new game called Creationary. It’s like a Pictionary game but instead of drawing it out, you build it with Legos. It was pretty fun. We also played Apples To Apples. That game is always fun to play. Then I passed out. Despite the fact that I was drugged up, we had a good time.

After I went to bed, they all stayed up watching movies. On Sunday when I was at work they went out and saw a movie. I don’t know what movie.

Anyway, it is good that David’s sister and pal come to see him. Next weekend, his mom is coming to visit. I have a lot of cleaning to do on my days off to prepare.

On another note,today was Catherine's first day of the sixth grade. She had a good day, made some new friends and saw some old friends. Tomorrow if her first day riding her bike to school. Today we drove her because all of her supplies were so heavy.

And now I am off to work.


  1. excellent pics! thanks!

  2. No prob! I got better pictures of Gena after Carolynn and I took her shopping. She bought a skirt! And some awesome face wash. (Which I hope she is using!) She looked like a girl. It was awesome!


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