Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Season Two

Catherine started her second season of soccer last week. Last season, if you will recall, she her team was the Black Flames. In the spring they practiced once a week and a game on Saturday. This season is more of a full season. They practice twice a week and have more games. Her team is yellow and they are called the Scorpions.

She is very excited about her team this season. The girls are good players. They play a lot harder. Catherine said it is a lot harder this season. But she still likes it. A girl from her class is on the team. The girl’s dad is the coach. Also on the team is Bree, the sister of Catherine’s friend Katelyn. Catherine and Katelyn were on the same softball teams when Catherine played softball. They were Dodger’s together and then Red Sox together. So she is excited. David and I were happy because Bree and Katelyn’s parents are great people and it is nice to see them.

The coach doesn’t have an assistant coach so he is asking parents to volunteer. David is happy to oblige. Parents field balls, play goalie, and help set up or take down. So David is happy about that.

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