Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Award Winning

Catherine entered some art in a contest for the Town Of Apple Valley to be part of their 2011 calendar. She won for the month of May. The calendars will be available at the Town of Apple Valley in mid-December. Tonight they had a special awards ceremony at the town chambers. She got to go in front of the town council, show her wining artwork, and have her picture taken with the mayor and the rest of the council.

Here she is presenting her artwork.

Here she is with the council.

Here she is showing off her winning artwork. The title of this painting is "Mr. Sparkle Cow".

Not only will her artwork be featured in the Town of Apple Valley calendar, she also won a backpack, a drawing pad and some markers.

(Also, just FYI... I have been sick for two days. I feel terrible. I thought it was a million degrees in the council chambers.)


  1. That's awesome! Congrats to her.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! That is awesome.


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