Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I was kid free on this Halloween night. I only have had one little group of Trick or Treaters all night. Catherine went out Trick Or Treating with her friends. Carolynn went with her friend to a church thing and maybe some Trick Or Treating. I think that the girls had a pretty good Halloween this year. Especially Catherine. Carolynn got grounded due to some test grade issues and, though she was invited to several, she did not get to go to any of her friends' parties. She was forced to stay home and clean. She did a good job. She did some studying and helped out at Catherine's party.

Catherine had a Halloween party last night. She didn't have a birthday party this year, so we agreed she could have a party for Halloween. She had 7 friends come. They wore costumes. They played some party games. They sang and danced. I hope they had a good time.

On Friday Catherine's school had a Halloween parade. There were some silly costumes. She said it was fun and they got to do some Halloween activities and get some candy and prizes.

It was quite the weekend.

And here is a video to prove it. Enjoy.


  1. love the music! ;) how funny seeing the kids playing Beatles RockBand in their costumes.

  2. I know. And for part of it, they were just playing with the instruments. The game itself was off and they were just singing whatever. Kids are so crazy.


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