Friday, November 26, 2010

A Day In The Life

Dancing To The Music

It was a 10:00 PM count. Inmates are not required to be standing for this count. Another officer and I are conducting this count in the Special Housing Unit. I count and then she counts. I go down the row and she waits at the end. Then I wait and she goes down the row. Everyone is accounted for.

We move on to the next row. I go down one side and start coming back down the other side. About half way down I see him. He is alone in the cell. He is naked and dancing near the shower. I pretended I didn't see anything. I continued to count. When I got back to the end I started laughing. I warned the other officer. She walked began her count the same way I had. But when she got to that inmate's cell, she saw nothing. He was sitting on the toilet and was all covered. She had already seen that inmate's business. That show was all for me.

I feel so special.

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