Friday, December 10, 2010

A Day In The Life

The Best Man For The Job

An inmate was being a jerk. As a matter of fact, it was this inmate. I wrote him up for his interfering with my count. I sent the report off to the lieutenant. He called me and asked me to send the inmate down to him at lunch to receive his incident report. At lunch time, I sent the inmate down to the office. A short time later, the lieutenant calls me and asks me to lock that inmate's cell and not to allow anyone in there. I did.

Before lunch was finished, another officer came around the corner. This officer was assigned to another unit, not near mine. I asked him what he was doing over there. He told me we were going to switch units. You see, this officer is highly skilled at looking for and finding contraband. I expect that something that inmate said when he went to the lieutenants office made the lieutenant think there would be something worth finding. And this other officer was absolutely the best man for the job. So I packed my stuff and we traded units. No problem.

And he did find stuff. I don't know what he found in that inmates cell, but I heard later that afternoon that he ended up getting into a little scuffle with an inmate flushing drugs a few cells over. He is so good at that. I always enjoy working with him. You never know what might happen. He finds all the good stuff. Unfortunately, inmates hate him. I worry about him. But he is a good officer. He can handle it.

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