Friday, June 03, 2011

A Day In The Life

A Terrible Mix Up

It was after hours one night at my favorite women's prison camp. I was doing rounds and locking up when and inmate came rushing over to me. She said she had a big problem and if I didn't help her her life would be ruined.

I told her to calm down but she continued to ramble on about never seeing her kids again, losing her whole life, and her baby. (She was pregnant when she first came, but her husband had the baby and her other children now.)

Finally she calms down and she tells me what happened.

What had happened was...

She was writing letters. She wrote to her husband, you know the one who has the kids and brings them every couple of weeks to visit. Then she wrote one to her boyfriend. Yep. Some other guy, who just got out of prison himself. And then, to make this so much better. She put the boyfriend's letter in the envelope addressed to her husband. Then put it in the locked mail box.


After I finished laughing, and my side stopped hurting, I retrieved the adulteress' letter so she wouldn't lose her visits with her kids since she still had several years left of incarceration.

And then I laughed some more.

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