Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Catherine had some friends sleep over the other day. Before they came, Catherine was on the phone working out the details of this adventure.

Catherine then informs me that since their mom is driving them over here, it's only fair that I have to drive them home.

Someone please explain how exactly this is a fair deal?

Their mom gets a quiet night with no kids, while I get two extra.

I have to listen to them all night. You know no one actually sleeps at a sleep over. I have to work at the crack of dawn too.

I have to feed them. And they eat like all other 11 and 12 year olds do... Everything in sight. And if I have to drive them home, it won't be until after 2 the next day since, like I said, I have to work. So I have to feed them dinner, plus breakfast and lunch the next day. Plus snacks. Plus drinks. Plus dessert. Plus all the "Mom can we have..." stuff.

I get to clean up after them. And I am sure they will leave bowls and cups and junk everywhere.

I am now stuck in the house because I can't fit everyone in the car now. Not that I want to take an extra two kids shopping.

I get to watch endless hours of kids playing Wii.

All of this, and I get to drive them home too. Because it's only fair. She drove them over here after all.


So I wrote this before I dropped them off and when I did drop them off, their mom kept Catherine over night. And they are in the middle of a move. And she does have 6 kids. So maybe it wasn't that bad...

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