Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crash Of The Titans

My car, the Loser Cruiser, has been an extra big loser lately. Why?


Here's a story for you.

I came home from work one day and I was super mad. Fuming. A bunch of inmates had gotten on my last nerve and then some jerk ass co-workers decided to push it further and I was about to explode. Then, when the day ended, I go out to the truck, as I had driven it to work that day, and find the driver's side door was jammed.


I cuss at it and yell at it. Finally, as the passenger’s side door is broken, I jimmied it open and got in and drove home is a seething rage.

I park in the driveway, but not all the way in the garage as usual because I wanted David to come out and fix the door. I get out and go inside still raging and David goes out to fix the door. Which he does in like two seconds. Which only furthers my rage.

A few moments later, David and Catherine get in the Loser Cruiser on their way to some sports practice. The car is parked in the garage. I hear them start the car and then I hear a load bang.


I go outside and now David is raging. He backed into the truck.

He didn't hit it full on, as I had parked in the driveway, just behind where I usually park in the garage, which is next to the car. He hit the back passenger side corner of the car into the front driver's side of the truck. Which totally made a huge hole just above my bumper and just under my tail light.

And after some duct tape, it now looks like this.

Sometimes the duck tape wears out and we replace it. As soon as we can afford it, we will get it repaired. It's will be about $250 to fix, plus paint. Thank goodness duct tape is silver.

But until it gets fixed, Super Loser Cruiser.

The truck....

No damage.

I think the sheer coolness of that truck is the only thing holding it together. Serious. That truck will last forever.

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