Thursday, September 29, 2011

Penny Pigs

When Catherine was little she loved to go to PetsMart and look at the guinea pigs and hamsters. She called them penny pigs and hammers, but we knew what she meant. Every time we went in for dog food or whatever, that's the first place she went. David used to work at a PetsMart and she would love to go there to wait for him and spend forever looking.

When she was about 7 or so, every birthday and Christmas, she began asking for one. But I just didn't think she had the amount of responsibility to really take care of one. Catherine is a really smart kid... When it come to school. When it comes to anything else... Her room was always a mess. She couldn't remember to shower. How could she take care of a guinea pig if she couldn't even take care of her own self?

Catherine turned 12 last week. And she has been getting a lot better. She showers regular. (Thank goodness!) Her room is getting better. You can actually see the floor. She has been remembering to feed the dogs. And her home school stuff she has been doing, most of the time, without too much prodding. So for her birthday, we finally got her that guinea pig.

The day before her birthday, David asked if she'd like to open her present a day early. (He was just as excited as she was.) She of course wanted to open it early. We dropped Carolynn off at school and we were eating breakfast at Jack In The Box. We said after we finished our errands and school appointments, we would give her the present.

So we did school appointments, she and David got haircuts, we picked up Carolynn and her friend for lunch. We dropped them back off. Then we went to PetsMart to buy dog food and cat food. Or so she thought. She was so excited about going home and getting a gift that she barely knew what was happening. We got the dog food, cat food and kitty litter in to the cart and we were heading out. David said he was going to find a man to help him get fish for the turtle. Catherine, as usual had wandered over to look at the guinea pigs.

I went to find her and an employee came and asked if we needed anything. It just so happened that the employee knew about the surprise. David and I had gone into the PetsMart a week earlier to scope out prices and find out what all guinea pigs needed. The same lady helped us then. So she already knew when she saw Catherine what we wanted. And when I said yes, Catherine would like a guinea pig, and the lady said she'd have someone come with the keys right away... Catherine was so shocked. And so excited.

She picked out her guinea pig. And then began getting her accessories. Guinea pigs need a cage, pine shavings for the bottom, a house, a water bottle, food, hay, toys... and with out wallets much lighter, Ginny Weasley... Catherine's birthday guinea pig was on her way home.

It took her a little time to get used to us. The cats are constantly circling her cage. The dog would really like to “play” with her. She doesn't mind. Especially not if she has fresh food in her bowl.

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