Monday, November 07, 2011

Season's Change

As soon as the leaves began to change, we went to Big Bear to do some hiking. We had a great time. We all took a ton of pictures. First, we went to the Discovery Center to get some hiking maps and a parking pass. We also got some Big Bear scrapbooking materials. (Scrapbooking is a new obsession of ours.) Then we went to the village. We got some burgers and ate them outside. (We had Gibby with us.)

We walked all around and looked in shops. We got a new bear figurine for our collection. After that we went and did some hiking. We chose a different trail than the last time. It was a nice long hike. It took us over a hour. We had a great time. It's probably going to be too cold to do it again for awhile. Unless we want to bundle up and hike in the snow.

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