Thursday, January 17, 2013

Feeding The Baby

Now that Michelle is such a big girl... All of 4 months old... She has started eating baby food. She is a good eater. A pig really. She never misses a meal. Her first food was mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. I gave her a few bites from my plate. Technically I have been giving her little tastes of stuff on her binky practically since she got the binky when she was two weeks old.

Her first food just for her was rice cereal. She loves it. And baby oatmeal. Then we moved to applesauce. That has remained one of her favorites.

So far we have tried...

Rice Cereal- Yum!

Oatmeal- Yum!

Applesauce- Yum!

Bananas- Yum!

Sweet Potatoes- Yum!

Turkey- So far just one try on that and it was a no go. I will try that more times.

Pears- Yum!

Peaches- Yum!

Carrots- Yum!

Prunes- Yum! But be careful of the aftermath. Because EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Peas- Negative! OMG! We have tried it four different times. She gets so excited when she sees the baby food container and a spoon and then you get the bib on... She opens her mouth just like a little baby bird. Then when she realizes it is peas, she gets so mad and won't open any more and cries until you get her something else. Usually I can get her to eat about 1/2 of a container. But it is such a struggle. I won't be forcing that one anymore.

Green Beans- That one we have tried twice. It isn't as bad as the peas, but it isn't looking good.

Squash- The first time we tried it, she was too busy making raspberries to give it a go. The second time, she ate it right up.

Mashed Potatoes- This is homemade. Not baby food. I just thin out what I make a little for her. She loves it.

She also has a cuppie now. A cuppie! She drinks juice. Well, 20% juice and the rest water. She likes apple, white grape and pear.

Before I know it, she will be ordering a Big Mac and nomming on a turkey leg.

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