Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Eve

The girls are looking forward to the big night of Trick-or-Treating tomorrow. They went back to school today. Carolynn has opted to skip the Halloween party. She was going to have it on Saturday, but the fires kept that from happening. She was going to have it this weekend, but she decided to skip it in favor of getting her nails done for Wicked. My mom got her some fancy dress shoes and she already had the dress. She is very excited. Catherine is also excited for having an adventure with Grandpa. I do not know what they plan on doing and I doubt Catherine cares.

As for the painted pumpkins, everyone got it right. The first pumpkin was Catherine’s. It featured the Halloween Theme. It had a bat, a devil, and a vampire on it. The second one was mine. I just painted a face on mine. The third one was Carolynn’s. It featured an Ocean Theme with dolphins, fish and a big turtle. David will be carving his pumpkin tomorrow. I will be sure and post pictures.

Carolynn re-decorated her website yesterday. She did not write anything new because she was busy playing Zoo Tycoon, watching TV, and helping me make the beef stroganoff. Perhaps she will have something new to write today. With all the comments we get around here, the girls are more interested in updating. Carolynn has a My Space, but she did not care for it. However, now she can say Ashley Tisdale, Kelly Clarkson, and Ally and AJ are her “friends”.

Look for a video of our weekend of fun later today. I was almost finished last night, but I chose a short song so I need to edit it a bit still.


  1. Are there a lot of places for them to trick or treat? I can't wait to see "sandy" and the devil. We do not get very many trick or treaters here but we have a costume parade of kids and grandchildren in our office. I have been there for over 18 years so I have seen a few grow up and have children of their own. Well it is always fun to see the kids all dressed up.

  2. We have a nice neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Carolynn is going to a Halloween Dance at her school after school tomorrow. Then we will go out collecting candy from the neighbors. Catherine isn't allowed to have her costume at school. I will be sure and post lots of pictures of them in costume tomorrow.


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