Sunday, October 28, 2007

Until The Spring...

Well, the Red Sox are the World Champions. They won tonight to take the series. We watched in our Red Sox shirts, eating our baseball foods. We had a pretty good weekend. Before the game, we watched A League of Their Own. Carolynn enjoyed it. The hot dogs were good. Everything was good. In the end, a pretty nice day considering how the week began. School resumes on Tuesday. They said they needed some time to clean up the ash and such. I get back to work in the morning.

Halloween is only a few days away. In Wisconsin, they have Trick or Treat on the weekend before Halloween in the day. I think that is so dumb. Anyways, my friend Heather sent me some pictures of her kids Trick or Treating. Her kids are the Spiderman and the pink pirate on the left.


  1. OK the redsox were awesome, but one thing need's to be said in regards to another situation-- THANK GOD THAT JERK A-ROD DOESN'T AND HOPEFULLY WON'T PLAY FOR A TEAM WITH CLASS LIKE THE REDSOX AND SURE HOPE NOT FOR THE ANGELS. ABSOLUTELY NO CLASS IN THAT MAN OR HIS MANAGEMENT. JUST READ THAT ALL OF THE BOSTON FAN'S WERE BEHIND THE BOSTON DUGOUT CHANTING--DONT'T SIGN A-ROD!!! Sure hope the $72 million he forfeited isn't even close to what he get's, not good enough to get a world series ring on his fingers. OK spoke my peace on that looser!! Uncle Steve

  2. Good thing you did not wait the extra day......Good that you were sporting your Red Sox Gear, because they are the Champions of the World. Did you have clam chowder? That is a Fenway park tradition they have chowder from Legals is very good if you like clam chowder. (I do not)My dad got to tell folks in Pahrump all about Fenway....Good times....good times..

  3. Nope, no clam chowder. I do like clam chowder though. Sometimes Carolynn and I get clam chowder in a bread bowl from The Little Fish Market. We had nachos, hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jack. And root beer. Glad you, Dad, and Grandpa was out having fun times too.

  4. dude the world series is over and i didnt even know it had started. guess i dont really enjoy the great american passtime much. i had so much fun the year we took the kids trick or treating, to bad you had to go and move a million miles away. i thought about going by your house and seeing what it looks like now!


  5. Yes, if you go by it, take a picture. We miss you too. :)


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